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Cedar Tree Wellness Center Employment

Employment Opportunities

The Best of Both Worlds

If you are a professional counselor, social worker, marriage and family therapist, or a psychologist seeking the independence of private practice without the hassles of managing a business or the isolation of a solo practice, these opportunities are for you:

Independent Contractor Positions:

- full-time hours
- weekday, evening, or weekend
- individual, couple/family, group counseling
- Masters degree in counseling, social work, or psychology required
- licensure required
- credentialed status with major insurance providers preferred but not required
- adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards required

Advantages of working with us:

- you decide the days/hours you want to work
- you decide the number of clients you want to see
- we take care of scheduling, billing, insurance credentialing, etc.
- steadily increasing referrals flow
- extremely high collection rate
- optional weekly peer consultations
- certified LPC licensure supervisor on site

- opportunities to collaborate with other professionals on site
- use of our client file software
- beautiful, clean, and safe office environment
- staff-only on-site facilities to include break room, small gym, and computer area

Our promise to you
- We will not have a mandatory annual Employee Appreciation Day because we will appreciate you every day.
- We will hold no "mandatory fun" events.
- We will not ask you to sit through hours of meetings on issues that can be addressed with a phone call, email, or text.
- We will not bury you under piles of unnecessary paperwork.
- We will treat you as an adult and not micromanage.
- We will not make you waste hours at the office just for the sake of it.
- We will not speak about you behind your back, because we believe in clear communication, not office politics.

Please submit inquiries and resumes via email by clicking Contact Us at the bottom of the page or via fax to 615-469-0130. For more information call 615-301-8454.