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Additional Services

At Cedar Tree Wellness Center we believe that wellness involves not only emotional but also physical wellness. Therefore we are excited that additional wellness services are provided at Cedar Tree Wellness Center. The services are provided at our site by independent practitioners who have rental agreements with the center. They are available to members of the community and are not limited to current clients of the center only.


PaQuita Yoga
Beginners Yoga Classes
Paquita Pullen , RYT is known for her authenticity, passion and purpose-driven philosophy in everything she does. She has an extensive background  as a mental health professional which she weaves through her classes by utilizing a trauma-informed approach when sequencing classes, adjusting and communicating verbal cues. She believes in the richness of life, love, and relationships. PaQuita  encourages her students to use the tools of yoga in hopes of improving multi-faceted areas of their lives. In her yoga work she seeks to celebrate and embrace all shapes, sizes, color, gender, and walks of life for the love of yoga.

Massage Therapy

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years. It is a powerful ally in alleviating a variety of physical and stress-related issues. At Cedar Tree Wellness Center, we believe that health incorporates body, mind, and spirit, and massage therapy is an integral part of that. Kari Jenkins, a Licensed Massage Therapist, provide services on a by-appointment basis. For specific information on types of services, pricing, and scheduling an appointment, please visit her web site: